1) All persons who will deal with the preparation/ construction of the stand on the days of assembly and disassembly must be registered online by the Exhibitor. Persons staying at the Fair Venue are required to have IDs (Identification Cards). Personal badges should be presented for inspection at the entrance and exit to the hall. You can also register at the Reception on the day of installation.

2) In the case of individual installations, it is necessary to:

- provide the Organizer with a stand construction project to the following address: by November 30, 2022. The submitted project should comply with the construction law and other regulations and standards in force in Poland, as well as with the regulations in force at PTAK Warsaw Expo.
- obtain the Organizer's approval (if the construction exceeds 2.5 m in height),
- obtain a written consent for the implementation of the stand construction from the Organizer,
- aesthetically finish the back walls of the stand in white on their entire surface, so that they do not interfere with the neighboring stands.

3) We recommend the use of appropriate mounting tapes for carpets, enabling their trouble-free peeling from the floor. Otherwise, the Exhibitor will be charged with the costs of tape removal in the amount of PLN 32 net + VAT for each running meter of the tape left.

4) The construction of the stand must allow access to all technical devices (hydrants, detectors and fire buttons, electrical switchboards, technical channels in which electrical, water and sewage connections, compressed air, water valves and compressed air, etc. are placed).

5) In case of hindering access to technical equipment, the stand will be dismantled at the expense of the Exhibitor to the extent enabling access to these devices.

6) Companies that would like to use forwarding, loading and unloading services using a lift truck should contact Netlog Polska Sp. z o.o.: Rafał Skrobutan, tel. 668 890 274, e-mail:

7) Parking is free of charge during the hours of the Fair, including the day of assembly and disassembly. Vehicles can stay in the parking lot at night; the cost of parking according to the parking rates of Ptak Warsaw Expo.